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Promise and Theo puppies were born on 02.03.2020. The puppies are cleared by parentage for: Cyclic Neutropenia (CN) & Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA.) In addition, due to the dam testing as a Carrier (n/P) for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) the puppies have a 50/50 chance of testing either Clear (n/n) or as a Carrier (n/P) for (DM) and the puppies will either be a Carrier (n/P) or Affected (P/P) for MDR1. This simply means that you cannot administer Ivermectrin or any other drugs listed on the Drug Sensativity List for Herding Breeds. You can find more information regarding genetic testing on our "Health Clearances" page. 

Each puppy comes with AKC registration, copies of parent's health stats & pedigrees, 1 year health guarantee, as well as a current health record. The puppies have a great foundation in their crate & potty training process as well as learning to walk agreeably on a leash. For more information contact, Jessica Farrow, at 918.370.2182 or e-mail 

**In addition, we will be placing a few of our retired adult collies into loving homes this summer. Each adult comes house/crate trained, walks agreeably on the leash, and displays great behavior. All adults will be spayed/nuetered prior to leaving our care. **
***If we have multiple litters please follow the steps listed below to view all available puppies: 
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  2. Select the Dam/Sire who you are interested in selecting a puppy from or feel free to go through each category to view each available puppy we have. 
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  4. If you find a puppy that interest you, please e-mail, Jessica Farrow, at or call/text 918.625.7554 with the "title" for that specific puppy and which "category" you made your selection from. 

Additional Sire & Dam Inforamtion:

Each Collie at Farrow's Country Collies plays a huge role in our everday lives: From playing with our 2 small children to playing catch, working an agility course, or working livestock. We take pride in our Collies and ensure that each of them are happy & healthy both mentally as well as physically. Each of our Collies have received the proper health testing, daily care, & obedience training. 
Puppies sired by 'JM.'
Puppies sired by "JM."

Puppy Starter Kit:

All Farrow's Country Collies puppies go home with a 1 year Health Guarantee, current Health Record, AKC Registration paperwork, copies of parents Health Clearances & Pedigrees, collar, leash, Nutri Source (Chicken & Rice) dog food, travel size bowls, and my commitment to answer any question(s), address concerns, or provide assistance with continued training.
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$1500.00 USD
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