In spite of the Collies large size, they are an extremely charismatic and elegant dog. The Collie is an affectionate breed who innately responds to humans and are a devoted family pet especially with children. 

The Collie breed is known for their herding and protecting abilities as well as their loyalty to their family. Collies do well in both the city or country, but NEED companionship and regular exercise. Due to their deep herding instincts Collies may tend to gather almost anything in sight, from children to other livestock. This breed is highly intelligent; however, it is important to be gentle with them in training always offering praise and a positive atmosphere. When treated well a Collie will thrive at an unbeatable pace and will stand by their owners regardless of the circumstances. 


The 4 recognized colors are "Sable & White," "Tri-Color," "Blue Merle," and "White."
  • The "Sable & White" is predominantly sable (shades varying from light gold to dark mahogany) with white markings on the chest, neck, legs, feet, and tip of tail. 
  • The "Tri-Color" is predominantly black displaying white markings same as the "Sable & White", but with tan markings on and about the head & legs as well.
  • The "Blue Merle" is a mottled color, predominantly blue-grey and black with white markings as in the "Sable & White" and can have tan shadings as in the "Tri-Color."
  • The "White" color is predominantly white preferably with sable, tri-color, or blue merle markings.
Ideally, adult males are 24"-26" at the withers and weigh 60-75lbs & the females are 22"-24", weighing 50-65lbs.

Information provided by AKC's Breed Standard:

Grooming is a necessity with the Collie breed. Collies do not have a "doggy odor" however without the proper maintenance & care  their coat can easily become matted. The thick double coat requires a full brushing at least once a week. Always use some type of hair detangler or a leave-in-conditioner, spraying each section as you go. When combing you should use the "line brushing" technique ( which will aid in keeping your Collie's coat free from knots, mats, etc. If a mat or knot is found, it should gently be worked free by hand or removed by a professional groomer as the de-matting process can be time consuming and a painful process. The ears should be cleaned and nails trimmed on a regular basis as well. 

For additional resources pertaining to the Collie breed start with the Collie Club of America, Inc. at, The official breed standard can be found on the CCA website as well as membership information, etc.