About Farrow's Country Collies:

Farrow's Country Collies is located in NE Oklahoma on our small ranch just outside of Tulsa, Ok. Our ranch is dedicated to our Collies and Quarter Horses. We are family owned and operated: Devoting our lives to producing the highest quality Collie with sound minds, good confirmation, & the ability to be your greatest companion.


Farrow's Country Collies Facility:

We take pride in providing a clean environment for our Collies. Our dogs are allowed to be dogs, meaning they spend their days on the ranch alongside me and my family. The Collies have large living quarters where they have 24/7 access to several fresh water sources, ample shade, and food stations throughout the yard.

Our expecting mothers and growing puppies are housed in climate controlled "Whelping/Nursery" rooms. However, the females along with the puppies receive daily interaction & are turned out into large "play pens" during the day as long as it is weather permitting.



Our puppies receive shots at 6, 10, & 14 weeks of age. The puppies are wormed beginning at 2 weeks of age and again every 2 weeks  after until they reach 8 weeks of age.



Each Collie at Farrow's Country Collies is maintained with a routine grooming schedule. The Collies are Professionally groomed monthly in which they are bathed, dried, trimmed, & their ears are cleaned. We also brush each Collie daily here at the ranch to prevent matting.


Deposit Information:

Farrow's Country Collies accepts deposits for current litters. You can call/text or e-mail us and resereve a puppy today at 918.370.2182  or

We require a $300 non-refundable deposit to place a puppy on hold. The remaining balance must be paid in full and can be paid in cash, credit card, PayPal, Wal-mart money gram, or a personal check prior to picking up or shipping your puppy. Please keep in mind there is a 3% convenience fee when using credit cards or PayPal.


Pick-up | Ground Transportation:

Please call in advance to schedule an appointment to pick-up your puppy. This will ensure that all necessary paperwork is prepared and ready for signatures.

If you are unable to pick up your puppy we have a few different options for you:

  1. We can meet you with your puppy or, if in reason, deliver the puppy directly to you. This allows me the opportunity to meet the puppy's new family and comfort the puppy throughout the transition process. There will be an additional fee which is based on mileage.
  2. Shipping the puppy/dog via Ground Transportation. If we are unable to personally meet/deliver your new puppy/dog then we do have a Professional Pet Transporter whom picks the puppy/dog up  from our home and delivers the puppy/dog directly to yours. Our pet transporter comes with great reviews and does a fantastic job handling the puppy/dog. In addition, the puppy/dog is given breaks throughout travel to stretch their legs and potty, food and water is offered at all times, and the puppy/dog is given constant human interaction. Transporter remains in constant contact with both myself & you offering updates & pictures of your new puppy/dog along the way.  Transportation cost will depend on mileage. (Starts at $400)
Benefits of shippping your puppy/dog via Ground Transportation include:
  1. Less stressful on your new puppy/dog as the puppy/dog is picked-up directly from our Ranch and delivered directly to your home. This avoids long waiting times for check-in & boarding as there is with air travel.
  2. Vehicle is stopped at regular intervals giving your puppy/dog the opportunity to strecth his/her legs and to go potty.
  3. Puppy/dog has food, water, and toys at all times. Air travel has restrictions on what can travel with live cargo.
  4. Puppy/dog has constant human interaction making the transition less stressful and keeps him/her in good spirit.
  5. In most cases the puppy/dog is delivered the same day he/she is picked up. Depending on location it may be next day delivery.


Daily Exercise:

Here at Farrow's Country Collies we are firm believers that due to the energy and intelligence of Collies it is imperative to give our Collies daily interaction as well as a job/purpose in life in order to keep them healthy and happy. We use herding (goats/cattle), obedience, and some agility to provide an outlet for physical and mental energy for our Collies.