We have provided photos of our Collies here at Farrow's Country Collies enjoying our days together here on the ranch. Each collie has it's special place here with our family and we always enjoy capturing those priceless moments when we are able. We hope you enjoy these memories we have been blessed to make with our Collies as much as we do! 
An unbreakable bond!

Rowdy and Fergie: Winter of 2015

Rowdy and Fergie are absolutely inseperable. He is 4 years old and extremely active. Fergie manages to stay by Rowdy's side at all times no matter where he may go and has the natural ability to keep him calm, happy, and safe in any circumstance. Fergie is truly a blessing to my family and most importantly my son who in Fergie has found a loving, gentle companion to share his childhood with!

Anastasia: March of 2015

Anastasia, was photographed March 19, 2015. She is such a wonderful dog with a one of a kind personality. Anastasia won my husband's heart over the first time she met him. We are so happy to have her here with us on the ranch and enjoy her fun, loving personality. 

Wil-O-Lanes Tru-Vu Judg'ment aka "JM": Spring of 2015.

JM is the sire of our 2015 litters. I cannot praise this gentle, kind, loving dog enough. He has managed to bring so much happiness to me and my family. He was photographed after his trip to the groomers, where he received his "pampered, spa day!" JM loves going to visit his groomer, Carly and enjoys getting his facial and bubble bath!

Maggie: April of 2015

Maggie, was photographed April 1, 2015. Maggie, has such a sweet personality and loves to be inside my home with me and my family. She is very calm and gentle. Maggie enjoys going for walks and loves playing in the water! Maggie brings such joy to my family, we couldn't be happier with her.